Guitar Lessons

Do you want the best guitar lessons in Prescott, AZ?  Sign up for weekly one-hour guitar lessons with me now! I have 24 years of teaching experience & I’ve published two guitar method books. I know exactly how to help you right away!

Let me give you a short list of common problems I hear new guitar students are having:

*I bought a guitar and a book but still have no idea how to get started!
*I’ve been playing for a while, but am completely frustrated with free online lessons & videos!
*I don’t really understand how to read tablature! Tab confuses me!
*I’m having problems with my strumming!
*I don’t know if I should play fingerstyle or with a pick!
*I have problems counting beats! I have problems with timing!
*I’ve been playing for a really, really long time and I’m still terrible!
*I know a few scales, but I still can’t solo very well!
*When I jam with other musicians, I get confused and it sounds like a trainwreck!
*I can’t tell what key songs are in!
*I know a ton of guitar theory, but I don’t see the big picture — I can’t connect the dots!
*I’m trying to learn my favorite songs, but its going slowly and badly!
*I took guitar lessons once before, but it didn’t go well!

I will solve all of these problems for you right away. Starting now, the guitar will be fun!

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Guitar Lessons in Prescott, AZ