The Guitar Teacher

My name is Dan Dresnok.  I’ve been teaching guitar & music lessons for over 22 years. I’ve been playing music for over 30 years.

I’ve worked as a session musician and owned & engineered my own recording studio.  I’ve performed live hundreds of times.

I’ve moderated dozens of group guitar clinics.  I’ve written & published two books about playing the guitar.

I’m experienced with music copyrighting, performing rights organizations (PRO), & music licensing.

I’m a well-trained drummer. I teach my guitarists mastery of rhythm.  (This is something most guitar teachers cannot do!)

I am a music composer.  I am a resource for every musician.

…and now…the good part…

I combine all of my experience & knowledge to provide you with the best custom guitar lesson ever! Every guitarist has a different need, no matter what age or level of skill, and so my approach is always unique to your needs. We all play the guitar because we want to have fun! I’m an expert guitar teacher. This will be fun starting on your first lesson with me!

Dan Dresnok


Guitar Lessons in Woodstock, GA