Learn to play the guitar today!


Music is a language – join the conversation!


I’ll teach you how to play guitar online using Skype.  I’ve been teaching guitar lessons for 25 years and published two guitar method books.

I teach all skill levels & all styles of music.

I teach complete beginners.

I also teach advanced & expert level players.

I’ll get you out of your musical rut and help you connect the dots.

If you are considering getting into (or back into) learning the guitar, please get in touch with me.  There are so many advantages to online lessons – like no driving, easy paying with Paypal, the comfort of your own home, and I can send you tons of PDF lessons & tabs through Skype.

Call or text me now!

Dan Dresnok


Check out my guitar lessons courses below (these links are discount coupons for you!  There is a one-time only $10 fee to join each course which will give you lifetime access!)

Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist

Blues for the Curious Guitarist

Jazz for the Curious Guitarist

Christmas Songs for the Curious Guitarist

Bluegrass for the Curious Guitarist